Awake Awake
God first reveals what he intends to do, then he does it.
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God has been quietly working, Now He shall display His Majesty
He says Awake to the arm of the Lord, Awake To Jerusalem twice, learn what these things mean.
Isaiah 51 & 52
Only God speaks Truth, there is no lie in Truth, there is no division in Truth, In Truth is freedom. God speaks His Truth into hearts, in turn those that hear, speak what they hear and the earth is changed.

This website is about what God wants for you, and what God wants to do for you in these times. God first reveals what He intends to do, then He does it. His word is a creative force and His intention for you is good. To find His blessing and to live in it, is the place He has prepared for you.
Scripture says that every eye shall see, we are talking about the eyes of our understanding in our heart. Topics written cover the New Jerusalem, end times prophecy, end times signs, the tabernacle of David, the eternal gospel, the man of sin, Christ in you, the antichrist, fallen Babylon, The Lord’s prayer, the quickening, the rapture theory and exposing the strong delusion, the regeneration and the kingdom age and much about salvation. For God to work in our lives we need to have His word in us, He is breathing on us through His word if we allow Him to do so.

Author of the website is

Gordon Hill-Murray

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His Kingdom Come

Bible prophecy 2016

is be silent before Him.

Bible prophecy 2015

is NOW
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Last Days and Last Day

In the bible it mentions last days and it mentions the last day. We need to understand what the difference is between day and days. To look at it as days that we see them in 24 hour periods will not make for a clear understanding of what is being said. God calls one day a thousand years. When we consider the meaning of last days, it is a number of one thousand year periods. The beginning of the last days began at the resurrection of Jesus, In Hosea 6:2 it says after 2 days He will revive us and on the 3rd day He will raise us up to live in His presence. There are a total of 7 days from Eden to the completion which is in line with creation, as God took 7 days to create, His last day was rest.
Now, trying to add up these days to the exact date seems to me is a frivolous thing, other than to know it is near or at hand or at the door.
What is the better thing? The better thing is to listen to God, it is something that each one of us has to do. God is speaking, He is speaking to you and me. We have to get away from the noise that distracts, because there is plenty of that.
I write because I’ve been listening, for encouragement to others to listen also. Faith comes by hearing God speak, and the sound of His voice has the sound of revival and restoration, so it doesn’t matter how you count the days, it only matters what God is saying and doing.
God breathing is word to you is what brings the salvation, salvation is not some experience that makes you feel good, it is more than that, it is the word become flesh, it is peace despite the circumstance, it is yoke easy and burden light.
Only God speaks truth, His truth is light, that enlightens you.
Isaiah 60:1
It says your light has come, you need to get yourself to the place that you can hear and see. Those that don’t hear and see, how can they partake?

Believing a lie, is an idol to you, that blocks the truth from entering your heart.

Isaiah 41:1 says listen to me in silence.

Revelation online

God has put His revelation online for you, to your heart, being quiet before Him will open the door. God will give you revelations that will be bread for you.

Seek first the Kingdom of God

you will be where your attention takes you.
When God’s light rules in your heart, you will see clearly. Heaven is for us on earth.

The Rapture

The Rapture taught from the understanding of the mind of men does not bring light, though rapture is not a bible word, the understanding that God wants us to have is ‘come up higher’ or ‘come up here’. It is being seated in heavenly places in christ Jesus. The fruit of being seated in heavenly places, is manifesting heaven on earth. This is where the increase of His government is. The fruit is, ‘God with us, as He is’.
God is concerned with the nations and if you can find where the ends of the earth are, that might be the first place to look if you are looking. To look up is the better thing. The thinking of man does cause one to look in the wrong places, let’s take for instance the baby Jesus He was found in a barn. The ends of the earth would be speaking of you, when you come to the end of yourself and totally rely and trust upon God.

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