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Those that operate from a spirit of judgementalism and those and those that feed the sheep from the spirit of truth are poles apart.  One comes with the spirit that steals kills and destroys while the other comes with bread from heaven that gives life to the world.
If one wants the new they can't remainin in the old, the old don't work but it shows to the sensual mind that it does. Only the new, is where Gods grace is. Sadley the churchified love to hold on to the old like it would an idol,

  When we come to the lord for salvation the first time when we were born of the spirit it came when we believed and spoke, this believing and speaking is something we need to keep doing and not to stop, putting on the new comes by believing Jesus died and rose again and speaking forth the new until the old is not there, until there is no trace of the old. Until we come to the fulness of the new. By faith, when we use our faith everything changes, we may not see it all change straightaway but once faith is active the process is in motion.
change is at hand victory is at hand the Kingdom of God is at hand. The Glory of God is within every believer, All our needs are meet according to the Glory that is within us, all the time, it is activated by faith. The enemies attacks are designed to get one out of faith and out of the spirit. and that happens but by faith we get back to be in the spirit. At times it can be hard to get back into the spirit, but we have to battle till we do. I have found the speaking in faith is far more powerful and effective then speaking in tongues.

Nothing shall by any means harm you. We can be unaffected by any evil around, our only problem is our thinking, everything turns out good all the time when God is with us, but our thinking when looking at the evil around and the evil people around can cause our thinking to go the wrong way. That is the purpose, the enemy is trying to get our attention. When we are pleasing to the Lord even our enemies will be at peace with us.

I believe the enemy wants us to look at the curses and spirits all around, focusing on them makes them look like giants, sure rebuke the spirits and leave it there, speak the word into being, like 'all things are being made new', as in the mind of Christ 'my mind thinks your thoughts', 'all my needs are meet according to your riches in glory which is in me' speak these things and things like this until you get to faith and keep on speaking them into being. You will begin to find that the old really is going and the new is coming and you will walk into the new.
If I get attacks from fear or really anything that is opposite to faith, my best attack weapon is speaking 'my thoughts think your thoughts', and saying' I'm victorious at very step', I'll throw a rebuke to the devil. It seems after one victory another challenge comes the next challenge may be more difficult, but even though the challenge may be bigger because of growing faith and rising confidence the walk becomes easier.
The just shall live by faith.
Dead religion lives by obeying the letter and that is what they judge by, judging is a major part of there religion, they steal, kill and destroy they praise the strong and reject and blame the weak. They don't get that whatever we receive from God we get by faith, they make excuses and doctrines why God has done this or that. The promise of God still remains that all things are ours, only we have to lay hold of it by our faith, faith needs to be learnt and grown, we have to unlearn what the religious mind has taught us, God says 'my thoughts are not your thought' but his command is to repent for the Kingdom of God is at hand, repent means to change your mind, from being a natural minded thinker to being a person that thinks Gods thoughts. It is by faith we lay hold of it and we don't let go until He blesses us. This blessing transforms us to be another person, it is a process. Paul said, 'Put on Christ' the regenerated spirit longs for the mind to be in alignment with the thoughts of God that is where freedom life and power and the Glory and the presence of God are in abundance.
I had the Lord reveal this to me twice about the mark of the beast 666. The number 6 is the number of man. The spirit of man the mind or soul of man and the body, these without the redemption of Jesus's death are marked. These 3 are the object of Gods redemption to us, when we first received Christ our spirit is redeemed and we receive His mark in our spirit but we also need our mind and body to come into alignment, this also is by faith and not by works. There is the work of faith which is us working our faith in which we will see the kingdom results of the all things, we aim for Christ in us the hope of Glory, the manifestation of the Glory of all in all of us and none of the old remain, as we apply our faith God is at work in us both to do and to will according to his good pleasure, but he doesn't do it without faith. You have been given the measure of faith

The mind of Christ has an innocence consciousness, it does not fear it does not worry it is anxious for nothing.
whatever you are anxious about speak the positive outcome into existence and reject the negative.
I worry less about all those conspiring against me because I know I'll walk through unharmed and the worser it may get the greater the spoils and victory.
I had a revelation today, if God see's someone moving in faith in the earth, He will move to where that one is and say to all this is where it is happening come over here.
This is my testimony, I was very far from God very far and by faith I have been drawing nearer I still have some ways to go but God has been with me along the way, I realize I have some way to go, but I have found a connection through faith that has made me different from other people even the people of God, I find communion with people that hunger for truth sparks a light in me.
The prophetic voices that I listen to are speaking of something going on.
Often we want an instant fix but it doesn't matter where we are as long as we walk by faith. The fruit that we seek must first be brought forth from sowing, as eternal beings it doesn't matter when we start because time is inconsequential as long as we are sowing.
The Kingdom of God is with in you, All of heavens resources come from the Christ in you from the Glory that is Christ in you, The promise of eternal life makes all the promises of God in the Now yes and amen, we aren't looking for a someday one day experience but rather an entering into the Now. There is the process of entering in, it is a sowing and harvest process. You have heard what you sow you shall keep, the religious minded has made this about doing good things and doing bad things they don't need faith for this, the law of faith is a higher law that leans on the resources of heaven to bring about heavens reality. I am talking about two different things here one is the religion of man which has a goal to be good enough to go to heaven, the other is the Kingdom which manifest heaven on earth. Many of those that get born of the spirit are then converted into the religion of man because there has been no one to teach them any different. So what do we need for things to change is the manifestation of heaven on earth. An abiding manifestation on earth.
Faith is calling things that be not as though they were.
faith works by love, faith may well be the highest act of love that we can offer God, faith believes and acts what He has said and done in the cross, it believes and acts against contrary circumstances.
Believing with faith what God says brings all things into subjection to His will, first within us then around us. It is the Kingdom rule in manifestation.
We have been crucified with Christ it is no longer we who live but it is Christ that lives in us. Because of this anything from our past that the enemy has done or from sins does not exist it has been destroyed by the cross, it is not, you are a new creation.Tell whatever that does not line up with the victory that was won at the cross it must go it has no authority to be there, it is trespassing it must go, you are free because of the cross, let your mouth agree with what the cross provided and don't take no for an answer. It is done, it is finish, The enemy has be judged declare this judgement and walk in the new creation that you are.
The description of sin is falling short of the glory of God, we have been saved from falling short of the Glory of God. In the Glory nothing of darkness can stand, it flees, it runs, in the Glory we have all things, when we live in the Glory we are untouched by the works of darkness, if we step out of the Glory lets step back in, by speaking the word of faith.
The angels are drawn to the Glory
when our mouth comes into alignment with what the cross accomplished the Glory of God manifests, when our thinking comes into alignment with the cross the glory of God abides with us.
Jesus operated in the mind of Christ - the perfect example. He gives to us all that he has. The mind of Christ teaches us about all things. Jesus relied upon this as we can also. The mind of Christ is always in fellowship with the Father, it gives us the true bread from heaven. Opinion will block the flow of the mind of Christ, Opinions are idols that we should lay down. The mind of Christ is a lover of the truth, truth will only make one walk in the freedom that a child of God has the inheritance to walk in.
God is not holding our sins against us, though we need to forgive our own self.

About 10 years ago the Lord invited me to walk with Him as then I wasn't, it seemed like a thing I'd like to do, so I said yes, He told me to write, So I made a website and the started writing when I had revelation, around that time I found a prophet online that spoke with more authority and with less of his own opinion like many that was through his prophetic words. So as I wrote many of his prophetic words were saying the same thing so it did make me grow in confidence. I've been learning to separate the precious from the vile when it comes to lies verses truth, which is something anyone who wants to know the truth that brings one into freedom needs to do. I hope that I am stirring up a hunger for the truth in you. Having a love for truth brings one into all the resources of heaven, while the lie cuts us off from grace. The lie always tries to control the situation but we need to breakthrough,

We all have shortcomings but God is willing to work with us even with our shortcomings, what does cause hindrance to us is self condemnation. Guilt cuts us off from God though the truth is God has not cut us off from Him. We need to trust that He is working in us to purify us He is doing what we can't. Having the mind of Christ in us gets our thinking corrected. The mind of Christ does not suffer guilt it lives as one that is innocent. When we walk in this innocence we are walking in one of the things Jesus died for. Scripture says also as one thinks in their heart so are they.
It is a different way of saying we are blameless in His sight, but it is more than that. It is a restoration to before the fall, Adam and Eve walked in innocence. Jesus also walked in innocence. And now we have His mind. And the old was crucified with Him.
The parable of the sower, sowing the Word Mark 4:3-9 & 13-20  https://biblehub.com/hpbt/mark/4.htm
Mark 4  26And he said, “Thus is the Kingdom of God like a man who cast seed in the ground.” 27“And he shall sleep and arise by night and by day and the seed grows and lengthens while he is unaware.” 28“For the earth produces fruit itself; first shall be the blade and afterward the ear, then finally the full wheat in the ear.” 29“But whenever the fruit ripens, immediately the sickle is brought because the harvest has arrived.”
Faith comes by hearing the Word of God, there are different levels of hearing, there is hearing it preached, you can include reading in that, another level is hearing the word out of your own mouth and then there is the hearing of your inner spirit to the point of the mind is in unity with the spirit. When it has come to full harvest that is when you can reap the full benefit. There may be many battles to come through but the great reward is for those the don't give up. If you sow, 'he shall sleep and arise by night and by day ' even if you sleep or stumble there will be increase, our sowing that we have done, God makes it in us to arise. So if we stumble we arise like it never happened and we arise with increase. One of the results from this is our life becomes level, like whatever comes our way we can remain unaffected or hardly unaffected, the reason we go up and down is because our focus changes, when you know how to use faith and are established in it things don't touch us like they used to. When the pressure is on we press into the pressure with faith, Paul said we enter the Kingdom through tribulation, that is the same as pressure. If things get hard it is an opportunity for us to press through. When the pressure is on it is then the devil has a go, but when we counteract it with the word of our faith we have victory.

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